Free Riot Points

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League of Legends Riot Points

In order to compete in League of Legends, you need a constant supply of riot points. Now when you don't have much money to spend, you're at a disadvantage.

We've made it simple and super easy for anyone to get completely free riot points to use in League of Legends.

Simple follow all the instructions and you'll have your points emailed to you in no time.

It's easy.

You visit our site and follow all the instructions. Then, our system automatically finds and sends your riot point card directly to your email address*.

*So make sure to check your inbox/spam folder!

We send the card to your email, so bots and spammers don't abuse the system. We only have a few cards left, so if someone is spamming and abusing the system, it won't be fair for the honest people like you.

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Easiest Points Ever

Easiest points ever!

I'm only 16, so I buying riot points every single week isn't my type of thing. Anyways, I stumbled on this site by accident, and so far, it's been awesome! Thanks :D
Needed some help

Had some trouble at first...

But I contacted support and they helped me complete the advertiser offer. Thanks for the free riot points!